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Top 10 US Furniture Brands
To find the furniture that satisfies the style-durability-price ratio you have to choose the best furniture brands. Only reliable brands guarantee quality and fashionable design to provide every room of your home with luxury and style. I decided to compile the information about the best US furniture

Small-Space Sofas
Is your room small enough for an ordinary couch, but you need a place to relax and entertain? Then look for a space-saving sofa. Urban living is in fashion nowadays, small spaces increase its popularity, as they offer the same comfort at low prices. So manufacturers provide great variety of

Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide
Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide Sleeper sofa is a functional and convenient alternative for small rooms to accommodate your friends and guests if you have no spare room. It is an ideal choice for any room with a limitation in space - use it in dorm or guest room, living space, bedroom or even kid's room.

Leather Sofa Buying Guide
Leather Sofa Buying Guide Zahara Black Leather Sofa Leather furniture is a big investment, so its purchasing requires comprehensive consideration. What aspects you need to find out before you purchase leather sofa ? Leather is the most popular covering that is used in sofas manufacturing. But with

"Sectional vs Standard sofa"
Sectional vs Standard sofa Living room is the place where you spent most part of your life. Especially when you have guests, the room gets full and you start thinking, will the place be enough for everyone? This is when you debating between sectional and classic sofa. Before bringing new

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Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA (with photots)

Convertible sofa has multi-purpose design, which allows to use it as both couch and bed in small living spaces. These sofas are equipped with some mechanisms for easy and effortless converting process. Serving as a seating platform by day, and a comfy full or queen size bed by night, the convertible couches offer an extended functionality of a standard sofa and provide all-in-one comfort.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Cassius Deluxe Sofa

Click-Clack sofas

Click-clack is easy to convert into a bed by pushing down the backrest. Itssimple and effortlessly operating design with a mechanism is a fine way to provide your living room or guest room with a cozy and functional seating / sleeping platform.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Callie Sofa

Sofa bed with a built-in mattress

These sofas are equipped with two different types of seating and sleeping areas, including cushions and built-in mattress, which is hidden under the seat.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Jasper-Sofa

Sofa with dual adjustable backrests

Dual backrests enhance the functionality of a sofa bed, allowing to adjust one backrest while keeping other one in standard position. With an opportunity to adjust the position individually, it makes this type of design perfect for two persons.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Oldschool-Chesterfield-Sofa

Convertible futons with storage drawers

Classic western futon is based on the original piece that is first designed in Japan. It has solid wood frame construction usually in traditional or mission style, and sometimes includes a futon mattress with a cover. Depending on manufacturer, some models include storage drawers located under the seat. Featuring natural hardwood frame, and wood / veneer finish, convertible futon is a perfect choice for compact cottage and rustic inspired spaces.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Futon-Kodiak

Sofas-daybeds / chaises

Some sofas have adjustable sides that serve as armrests at the same time. With one lifted and one flat armrests, the piece works as a comfortable chaise or daybed. Just fold down both arms to provide flat sleeping surface. This simple and non-standard solution for living spaces combines simplicity and function, and is easily adaptable to a wide range of styles and home decor types.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Zeal-Daybed


Multi-functional sofas with different positions are true space-savers. This type of multi-position designs is a must-have for those who like all-in-one furniture. Some of basic models are designed with a couple of chairs and a hidden coffee or side table. The chairs can be converted into lounger and bed positions. With multi-level adjustable backrests and 360 swivel seats, this type of convertible furniture is able to build cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxing and conversation.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Sofa-Bed-JandM

Convertible chair

Chair-beds are the most compact space-saving solution for living rooms and home offices. It has fold-down backrest with a convertible mechanism. This chair is not a fully functional bed but it perfectly suits for a daydreaming.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - Premium-Chair-Bed

Sleeper sectionals

Providing comfort for seating and sleeping, convertible sectionals will help to efficiently use your space and easily transform living room into a bedroom. A well-designed sectional should have quality design, solid wood frame, steel construction and parts, and durable upholstery that will not crack, tear or lose color after years of use.

Top 10 popular types of sofa beds in USA - ROM-Mira-1-Sleeper-Sectional

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